Turkey plans to build a bridge across the Dardanelles The new bridge over the Dardanelles is slated to Marmara Ringstrasse will be built in Turkey and will be built as part of the construction. This was stated Minister of Transport, Shipping and Communications of the Republic of Turkey in an interview for a Haber TV channel from Lutfi Elvan.
The main theme of the project is to improve the traffic situation in Istanbul. Besides, that the transport of multi-million population of the city is somehow a problem for city driving, after the construction of bridges over the Bosporus transit traffic of lorries has increased dramatically.
United Engineering will connect the coastal towns and Saricay Kilitbahir. New six-lane bridge project is being developed under the same design techniques that were used in the construction of two bridges over the Bosphorus. Part of the bridge, which will be directly over the water, has the altitude of 1400 meters.
The total cost of the project will 4-5000000000 dollars. The total budget includes the construction of a new highway with a length of 433 kilometers, its European side, Turkey's third largest city Izmir will connect the city of Istanbul. Nowadays Dardanelles are one of the busiest waterways in the world. On average, every ten minutes a ship passes through Dardanelles, annual traffic around 50 000 vessels.