Investment in Turkish property is considered to be one of the most profitable and reliable decisions every made. Excellent resort, good service, good infrastructure, low prices - this is not a complete list of benefits of the Turkish Republic. The fact that you can have a good vacation, relax at the 5-star hotels, has long been known. And recently, Turkey has also a very attractive place to move, be permanently and invest your money in real estate it is.

Same as in Europe, but without a visa

The country is, without a visa opened from the world countries is required to visitors. And in the meantime, the Turkish government is trying to bring the country closer to European standards in almost all areas of life. Turkey is a candidate for membership in the EU since 2000. For several reasons, the accession process is delayed considerably. But a long way in the European Union has nothing to do with economies of civil liberties inadequate or poorly developed. Rather, feel the foreigners from the West and the East, as comfortable in Turkey. And with the economy of Turkey everything is more than ok. Turkey is called the China of Europe because of its impressive economic growth. This is in pace of construction and the materials used Quaility particularly clear.

There are several reasons to visit Turkey:

- Most of the Turks in tourist towns know the English language and you can easily communicate with them.
- Across Turkey there is an excellent service, how well you can purchase more goods for cheaper than in any other European country.
- The climate and beautiful surroundings, you have the impression that you are in paradise.
- Liberal legislation guarantees every foreign citizen to buy, sell or rent, and a stable demand and soft tax policy is to make your investment profitable and safer.

Price and quality of Turkey is the country of the new building, where the quality of the property is paid special attention. Conventional housing for the middle class in Turkey is to be flat as the price of 60.000- € 70.000 in the skyscraper. Such apartments are built in the residences where you will find a concierge, swimming pool, playground, parking, etc. Yet to be as a large balcony or terrace a fixed size in a nice apartment in Turkey, where you feel like in a relax small courtyard. Investors from around the world have recently had an eye on several regions of Turkey.

One of the most popular cities among foreign investing is Istanbul, where it is very convenient to have a place of residence for a successful business, but relaxing at the beach can not be excluded from the top choice. The cost of apartments with 1-2 bedrooms in newly built plant is about 70,000 € -80.000. Excellent investment - Property tourist cities. Most well known town on the Mediterranean coast is Antalya. In this city, in the sun 300 days a year seems to set properties for all tastes and budgets can find from modern apartments to luxury villas.

Benefits Turkey

Besides being able to move in the subtropics to the sea, the migrant receives a number of advantages:
- The cost per square meter is likely to be several times lower than in European countries
- It is easy to live in Turkey. Typically, a utility is in an apartment you have to pay about a hundred dollars (a significant increase in payments in the winter, not because in the north there is no severe frosts)
- Turkey is easy to obtain a residence permit, but without the status of residence permit is no problem for temporary stay in the country to be
- Property in Turkey is rising steadily upward. You can always rent out your property, the demand is sufficient. So, after some time it will be a good profit on the capital invested.