Construction of own Villa Residence in Turkey is a very worthwhile investment because of the growing economy of the country.

Excellent climatic conditions that are very good for human life, makes this option even more attractive.
Our company builds villas and apartments for more than 10 years, and we have already built more than 300 real estate objects!
Our company has

Architects and interior designers who specialize in modern and contemporary homes
We have in our portfolio lands in the most profitable areas, which have direct links with the local community to facilitate obtaining building permits
Reliable Bauer, build quality properties

We control every step of the construction of the land property have decided on the furniture of the finished built house.

1. Purchase of land and obtain ownership

We will offer you a selection of the country to see and advise you what to choose. Land for sale gives you the right to own land and provide maximum safety as an investor. Then we have to build a house in your area. Your risk is on us because the courts in Turkey are always on the side of the owner in the event of a dispute between landowners and developers. We have never faced with unpleasant situations in the construction of houses for our customers, but for us it is important that you feel comfortable and were very pleased with the entire process.

2. structure

This is the stage where we show creativity. We provide different types of design and architecture projects, but the final decision will be made by you.
Depending on the area (area in which the length and width should be the building occupied), we will show a few sentences in the form of an architect drawings and pictures in 3D format. Using images to find the object from different angles to see. You will be positioned so that you can even virtual tour of your future home, view from the balcony bedroom take, to see how it will look your kitchen, in other words, you can imagine how the finished house will look like.

3. signature of the contract on the conditions and specifications

Once the creative phase is over, we turn to the drafting and signing a contract for the construction. The contract will specify all the elements and conditions, to give you a maximum of trust, security and protection measures during and after construction. The contract will eventually compiled a lawyer on your side who work for you and on your behalf as official representatives. We present all necessary documents and information, as the agreed technical specifications, architectural plan, payment.

4. Building permit

Once drawn up a contract and signed to submit our architects developed a plan to the local authorities to obtain a building permit. This process will take approximately 3-4 weeks. The license is granted for the construction within a month. With a license in hand, we will be able to start the construction work.

5. Construction

Mandatory component of quality are important elements of the structure: · The foundation and basement insulation. It provides a complete separation of water and heat.
· Installation of the supporting elements of the house.
· Dual-layer and the roof.
· Interior design and finishing
· If you want to change something during construct the object, this item will be discussed and changed as you wish