Our construction company has a history of more than 10 years and many satisfied customers from around the world.
Construction in Turkey is not only very simple and quick process, but also a high investment opportunity that also allows you to gain 25% per year.
Real estate market in Turkey with its capacity growth every year offers an investment that will lead to the unbeatable profit.
We have offices in Istanbul and Kusadasi.
If you construct your own dream home or apartment for investment purposes, our professional architects and interior designers will help you in every phase of construction.
Collaborate advantages with us: • Better quality and craftsmanship • On time and within budget • Reputable companies • Strong owner / contractor relationship • Accelerated schedules • Lower costs • Excellent team collaboration • minimized risk Everywhere Project • Shorter project plan • Providing On-Site Owner display • program management consulting and development • Improved Diversity participation and social work • Pre-construction services
A construction of 30 units of apartments to be built in 12 months Time.
Before the construction we have a contract, you accept all the details of construction and construction phases with guarantee of lawyers in Turkey.
Please contact us for more information.