Tapu | Title Deed in Turkey,İstanbul Properties Deed (Tapu) in Turkey

Tapu is a document confirming the ownership of the property in Turkey.

The first paragraph of Deed contains the address of the object to which the property is located. The second paragraph after photos of the owner, it is not necessary for the validity of Tapu. The third column contains the number of the land registry office. The fourth paragraph of the document - the name of the site (construction, agriculture, etc.).

As well, the land area is displayed. Please note that under Turkish law, also the owners of apartments in apartment buildings a proportion of land on which the building is located. Information about the object in the sixth column is determined whether it is ready to use, what type of building, number of floors, etc ..

Another mandatory element Tapu - the value of the property specified. Usually it is made of real difference to the smaller amount, it reduces the amount of taxes. Tapu is attested by the document that is printed on plain paper, printed in the land registry office and signed by the authorized officer.