Residency permit in Turkey,İstanbul Properties Visa and permanent seat for property owners in Turkey

According to the Turkish law, if you buy property in Turkey, you can get a residence permit. Up to your desire, you can get: 1 Year Duration of stay, which may be renewed annually. The property owner can move and have their second home in Turkey, not only a vacation in this beautiful country. The Turkish government allowed how good you obtain Turkish citizenship, if you stay in Turkey for 5 years.
You can receive a residence permit without restrictions of the purchase price. All you need, that's Tapu (Title Deed), as this is based the main document on which is the permanent permit.
In the time of the transaction from the permanent residence of the buyer can get tourist residence permit, which is valid for 3 months. Necessary documents for owners of property in Turkey:
• passport, copy of passport;
• Color photos (4 pieces, 3.5 x4,5.);
• Completed application form, which is treated on the outside Police Office;
• The statement confirms sufficient funds (about $ 500 for one month stay in Antalya and some other areas - $ 1000) or a certificate of change;
• Сertificate property ownership in Turkey (Tapu), original and copy.
Note: The permanent residence is granted after a response from the Turkish government, the reaction may take about 2 months.
The owner of the residence permit for a period of 1 year can renew each year as long without limit, as he owns the property. Renewal process the residence permit can be carried out in Turkey. If an owner in Turkey live no longer than 1 year, the time period can be shortened.
Permanent residence may be issued not only to the land owners, but also to the members of his / her family - husband / wife and children. The presence of a residence permit does not give foreigners permission to work in the countryside.