Extra expenses and fees Turkish Properties,İstanbul Properties Among the price of real estate in Turkey, there are also additional costs. However, the process of land purchase contributes easy and fast, there are a few additional taxes and fees that must be paid on behalf of the buyer. Also in this article, the information on the average monthly expenditure for get the bills for water, electricity and Internet pay.

Taxes and fees once paid:
• Translation and notarization of the passport of the buyer into Turkish: $ 100
• Fees of the Deed of the property (Tapu) to obtain on behalf of the buyer: $ 90
• control property charge in the Turkish Republic is 4%. The amount for Tapu constitutes community. Usually amount to be officially shown, is 40 to 60% less of the real price.
• Fee for certified translator "English - Turkish" is defined by the Association of Translators in Turkey 100 $
(To be paid to the Land Registry) • Fee for transfer of ownership of the property: 200 $
* Note: control property fee for property in Turkey is only once paid when you receive Deed for the property

Other expenses are paid after the receipt Tapu:

• Registration of water meters on behalf of the new owner: - Sign an entirely new Counter $ 200 (payable once). - The transfer of the name of the counter from the old owner to the new owner 60 $ (payable once).
• Take electricity meter on behalf of the new owner: - Register an entirely new Counter: $ 200 (payable once). - The transfer of the name of the counter from the old owner to the new owners $ 40 (payable once).
• annual fee for the city: 0.01% of the property value, which is written in Tapu
• landline Türk Telekom will cost $ 15
• Mobile Network: $ 0.05 per minute (for local calls).
• Annual insurance for property (DASK) against earthquakes or natural disasters 2 $ / square meters.
• Monthly fees for residence security and housekeeper, water and electricity bills monthly. As for the price of the monthly fee for the residence and the cleanliness of the connection, security and other services, the monthly fee of a residence to another is different. Prices of monthly bills: - price per kilo watt of electricity: $ 0.11 - The price of a cubic meter of water: $ 0.851