Property Purchasing Process in Turkey,İstanbul Properties If you are interested in the purchase of real estate in Turkey and get the answers how the purchase works, please read thoroughly in this article. Our professional team in our agency can be found in each step to help process the purchase.
Turkey is not only the beautiful country with rich history and mild climate, but also top emerging world. It makes Turkey beat in investment deals, the country where you can be the owner of the property within a few days! Turkey's economy is growing so fast that in 2013 in Antalya Real growth was increased in 22.62%.
Steps to real estate for sale:
1. Get a tax identification number for the buyer in Turkey (Vergi No) - is the control number is a number that is given to all foreigners in Turkey in order to facilitate all official transactions on his / her own name.

an account in one of the Turkish banks 2. Open.
The procedure for opening a bank account is easy. All you need is a passport and tax number. Account in dollars, euros or Turkish lira, to be opened with the minimum amount by $ 1.

3. Sign the contract of sale
The purchase agreement consists of several items in English and Turkish written, and the contract signed by both parties, the buyer and real estate companies. If you worth the contract the buyer the reservation fee to the seller. Typically this is an amount of 1000-2000 Euros, which guarantees the buyer that the property he is not to be sold to someone else to buy. After signing the contract the buyer transfers money within 2 weeks to the account of the real estate company and the process for obtaining TAPU starts up.

the Tapu (title ownership is confirmed) the buyer of real estate in Turkey must have the following documents 4. Get: a copy of your passport, two passport photographs and the tax number of the sample obtained in Turkey. Please note that the list of documents should apply to all owners, whose names are submitted, registered in the Tapu.
According to the new amendments to the Turkish law, when a foreigner does not matter from which country already bought a property unit in the residence, then you can get the title deed within 1-2 business days. If the aliens have not yet purchased the property, then it will wait for about 6 weeks after the dissolution of the military department in Izmir.
At the time of transfer of ownership (TAPU) the full value of the property must be paid, as well as all taxes and fees to the Tapu connected.
Tapu is registered at the local land registry and issued directly to the owner or his representative in the presence of a sworn translator. After receiving Tapu is the buyer owns the property.

5. Open water meter and electricity on your behalf
Take the registration of water meters and flow in your name, which should be done only after receiving Tapu.
We guarantee a complete legal support to our customers. You can count on all levels of our company - before, during and after the purchase of real estate in Turkey. If you have any questions, contact us and we will advise you step by step.