Furnishing Your Property

Generally most properties in Turkey  sold without furniture, but with all versions inside and outside of the property including: fitted kitchen and bathroom, covered floors with laminate or marble, tiles, PVC windows and decorative ceilings. In the brand new features it perform no need repairs is everything you need is to buy furniture and appliances.

White goods and household appliances

Not every feature white goods are included. Our real estate agency will be happy to assist you in buying process and see the most suitable products with good quality and price suggest.

On average, white goods package costs 2,000 $ depending on the make and model.

The choice of trademarks in Turkey is quite large and encompasses top-class brands such as Siemens and Bosch, middle class: Beko and Arcelik and Budget brands: Altus and Regal.

All of these brands has different models that can be purchased online also.furnitureSet up your property with our real estate agency is easy and simple!

There are a few ways to manage the purchase of furniture for your new home in Turkey:

-We offers the manager who speaks your native language, you drive to the shops, a consultant of the company will help you to negotiate in furniture stores on the terms of delivery, on the installation, safety and possible discounts, we will control the process of delivery and installation of all furniture ordered.

- Online: check focusing on catalogs of furniture stores and sites we will help to choose and order all necessary furniture, the delivery and installation.

- You can download the complete furniture package from the showroom available. Designer, focusing on taste, options and preferences are all necessary furniture, curtains and accessories. By your arrival in Turkey, you will enjoy your new home with the furniture of your dreams.